Adrian Archambault

Kevin Chow

OUTBREAK! A Study of Fish Bite Rates Among White Syndrome-infected Acropora cytheria at Palmyra Atoll
Joshua Coronado
Laura Cummings
Calah Hanson, Aaron Peterson and Sabina Perkins
Andrew Hines
Dong Nghi Huynh

Haley Kingsland

Herbiverous Fish Behavior Along the Northern Line Islands Human Fishing Pressure Gradient
Julie Koenig and Julia Lee
Caleb Kruse
Laura Lilly and Briana Evans

Nicolas E. Mendoza and Sarah C. Lummis

Physical and Biological Assessment of the Deep Scattering Layer Along a Central Pacific Transect
Tara Smithee Phenanthrene Toxicity on Low Latitude Pelagic Copepods