Jill Bible

Changes in Coral Morphologies and Total Coral Cover with Depth: Kingman Reef and Palmyra Atoll

Lynda Browning

Coral: Calculation of DevastationDisease, Bleaching, and Health of the Palmyra Back Reef

Lacy Caruthers and Shannon Wood

Water Flow Rates and Coral Morphology at Palmyra Atoll

Russel Chaput, Andrew Modlin, Chris Rydz and Jaime Budzynkiewicz 'Island-Mass Effect' and its Role in Increasing Biological Production of the Water Surrounding Hawaii, Christmas Island and Jarvis Island
Alice Chiu
Alec Clowes and Ben Reineman The Effect of Island Generated Flow Disturbances on Chlorophyll Distribution: A Study in the Vicnity of Palmyra Atoll
Allison Dellner

Bathymetric Slope Comparison of the Hawaiian Islands and the Palmyra Atoll

Will Diamond, Giovanni Poles, Roman Shor and Lieva Whitbeck Seamount Growth and Collapse, An Investigation of Pacific Seamount Morphology
Shanna Dunn, Rebecca Bartlett and Eric Eilbacher

Seamounts of the Central Pacific:A study of the Effects of Upwelling and Taylor Columns on the Thermocline andPhytoplankton Abundance at Pensacola, Seadragon, and Spike Seamounts

Cara Ellis

The Concentration of the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum (DCM), its VerticalLocation in Reference to Light, Nutrient Availability and Thermocline Depthin the Central Pacific

Nicole Fancher

Physical and Chemical Influences on Halobates micans and Halobates sericeus in the Central Pacific

Val Hastings, Rachel Philbrick, Jenna Marie Sullivan and Seisei Tatebe-Goddu

Regional Variation in Primary and Secondary Production within the Central Pacific Water Column

Whitney P. Hopkins Habitat Mapping of Palmyra
Jared Kosin and Abby Lowell

A Regional and Depth Analysis of Photosynthetic Efficiency in Phytoplankton in the Central Pacific Ocean

Rachael Kefalos

The Formation of the Barrier Layer in the Subtropical Waters of the Central Pacific Ocean

Orion Lakota

Correlation of TOPEX/Poseidon Satellite Altimetry Data and In Situ Measurements of Physical Oceanographic Characteristics Between Hawaii and Palmyra Atoll

Scott MacLellan, Rhea Davis, Daniel Silva, Drew Horsburgh, Chanel Jencks, Natasha Horvath

The Effects of Major Currents on Biota and Nutrient Distribution in the Equatorial Pacific

Helen McLendon

High Abundance and Low Diversity in Conus Populationson the Intertidal Benches of Palmyra Atoll

Amanda Netburn

Patterns of Prey Selectivity by Myctophidae in the North Pacific Gyre and Equatorial Countercurrent
Laryssa Ohlson and Alexandra Frank

Nutrient Levels Effect on Zooplankton Between the Islands of Hawaii and Palmyra

Sarah J. Pilzer, Rachel A. Reynolds, Nickie A. Scesny, and Marit D. Wilson

Correlation Between Increased Productivity and Vertical Water Mass Movement as Affected by Mesoscale Eddy Size and Velocity
Simon Pyle

Chromatophore Patterning and Flashing in Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis

Amber Rais

Implications of Surface Chlorophyll Concentrations Along A Northern Tropical Pacific Transect

Dani Richey Radiolarian Distribution in the Central Pacific Ocean
Allison Robinson

The Influence of Pigment and Color on Diel Vertical Migration of Copepods in the North Equatorial Pacific

Erin Rodgers, Ryan Joyce and Tim Pusack

Feeding Selectivity and Diel Vertical Migration of the Myctophidae in the Central Pacific

Ramón Roullard

An Examination of Variation in Phytoplankton Productivity Between Palmyra Atoll and the North Pacific Gyre

Valery Scharf Diets of Scombrid Fishes in the Central Pacific
Laura R. Sharpless

Test size of Orbulina universa in Sediment Cores as an Indicator of Hawaiian Paleoclimates

Sarah Skikne

Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Gelatinous Zooplankton

  Charlotte Stevenson
The Apex Predator Biomass of Palmyra Atoll
  Visra Vichit-Vadakan
The Relationship Between Algal Cover and Coral Recruitment: A Study of Palmyra Atoll
Predation and Community Structure: Conus and Strombus at Palmyra Atoll