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SEA 2017

The Stanford@SEA 2017 class in Pago Pago


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  • Thoughts from Pago Pago
    The sighting came while the ship was stopped so we could lower scientific instruments into the deep blue -- for the last time.. A large...
  • Observations from Ken Weiss
    Joining the South Pacific expedition in its final leg, I was surprised at what I found. I knew the students had encountered rough seas that...
  • The Sounds of the Sea(mans)
    I love diving for the hush quiet it brings. I can feel the lack of
    noise: it's heavy and light at the same time, a thick...
  • Thinking back on Palmerston
    For this blog post I want to share something I wrote about our time in Palmerston a few weeks back. Its bit delayed, just like...
  • Finding your true self at sea
    Captain Pamela says you find your true self at sea. Apparently my true self is a loud and hyperactive jukebox, with the poor hygiene and...
Follow the Voyage of the Seamans:
The map below shows the track of the Seamans in red, with the ports of call indicated by compasses. Click on points to get more information about location and date.